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If you are dealing with the aftermath of a work accident or need to file a workers' compensation claim, Accident Lawyers may be able to help. Our law firm represents injured workers throughout Riverside County and the surrounding areas in Southern California. Established in 2003, Accident Lawyers has since been representing injury victims in personal injury and workers' compensation claims, working to secure the best possible results and highest settlements for their claims and lawsuits. We understand that suffering an injury in any situation may place your future at risk. Our goal is to provide our clients with the legal help they need to turn things around.

We have 3 attorneys and a total of 18 staff members at Accident Lawyers, all dedicated to helping you during this difficult time. With more than 35 years of collective attorney experience and the resources to properly investigate your work-related accident or injury, our team can offer you assistance through the entire process of filing your Riverside workers' compensation claim and seeking the benefits you need.

Areas of Practice - Riverside Workers' Comp

Learning more about workers' compensation in Riverside is important. That is why we have compiled some basic information about workers' comp claims in this area. Feel free to review the links listed below to learn more:

Your initial case review with a lawyer at Accident Lawyers is free. You also pay no legal fees unless we recover a settlement or jury award on your behalf. Contact a Riverside workers' compensation attorney at our offices today!